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    The area around Shibata-machi and Ogawara-machi is a renowned spot to view cherry blossoms. Enjoy the ultimate cherry blossom experience from multiple perspectives—by a river walkway, a slope car, a dedicated bridge and many more!


    This site introduces viewing spots, restaurants and their dishes as well as other activities worth checking out during a visit. Also be on the lookout for the accompanying brochure - available both in print and online!

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  • Sakura Matsuri

    (Cherry Blossom Festival)

    Every April while the cherry blossoms are in bloom, a festival is held that

    includes fascinating events, exhibitors and special stage performances. Do

    not miss this great opportunity to enjoy the finest cherry blossoms!

    Shibata Sakura Matsuri / Venue: Funaoka Castle Ruins Park

    Ogawara Sakura Matsuri / Venue: Shiroishigawa Park

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