• Relaxation & Festival

    Taiyo-no-Mura (Sun Village)


    Located on a 200-meter-high plateau, visitors can look down on the Abukuma River, the Shiroishi River and even the Pacific Ocean. The view from the Zao Mountain Range is truly superb. The northern part of the location offers a treasury of wild plants and birds, making it a perfect spot for hiking.


    Address: Ueno 4-1, Honfunabasama, Oaza, Shibata-machi / Hours: 9:00–17:00

    Closed on Mondays (open if a Monday is a public holiday and closed on the following day)

    Tel: 0224-56-3970 / Parking for 50 cars / Access: 10-minute drive from Funaoka Station

    Ogawara Natural Hot Spring Ii-yu (Good Spa)

    おおがわら天然温泉 いい湯

    Visit Ogawara-machi’s first natural free-flowing hot spring. The water of this onsen is called “Bihada-no-Yu,” and it is said to benefit the skin by gently permeating it. Hot springs from which you can gaze upon the landscapes in all four seasons are relaxing to both body and soul.


    Address: Kita 185-11, Nittera, Ogawara-machi

    Hours: 10:00–22:00 (Hot Spring), 11:00–21:00 (Cafeteria)

    Closed on the 3rd Wednesday of the month (4th Wednesday only in April)

    Tel: 0224-51-5110 / Parking: 160 cars / Access: 5-minute drive from Ogawara Station

    Seasonal Flowers


    Come visit the Funaoka Castle Ruins Park, where you can enjoy different seasonal flowers all year, starting in April with the “Shibata Sakura Matsuri” and then continuing with the “Hydrangea Festival” at the end of June, the “Red Spider Lily Festival” at the end of September and the “Miyagi Chrysanthemum Convention in Shibata” at the end of October.


    Festival Periods: April, June, September, and October
    Venue: Funaoka Castle Ruins Park, Funaoka-tateyama 95-1, Oaza, Shibata-machi
    Hours: 09:00–17:00

    Tel: 0224-87-7101 (Shibata-machi Tourism and Product Exchange Hall)
    Access: 15-minute walk from Funaoka Station


    Ogawara Plum Festival


    Ever since the Heian period (792–1185), Ogawara-machi has been known as the “land of the plum.” Today approximately 3,000 plum trees are planted along the Tsutsumi district. This festival is a great fun for the whole family. In addition to the sale of aoume (premature plum), visitors can take part in a plum-picking experience and a seed-spitting contest.

    Festival Period: Late June
    Venue: 60 Shinseki-no-hashiri, Kanagase, Ogawara-machi (JA Miyagi Sennan Shiroishi Warehouse Sakura Branch) and other locations
    Hours: 09:00–13:00

    Tel: 0224-87-6277 (Agriculture Division, Ogawara Town Hall)
    Access: 10-minute drive from Ogawara Station